UKRAINE: National Commission for financial service market regulation toughened requirements to technical reserves of insurers

On July 19 the National Commission for financial service market regulation approved the draft regulation on amending the Policy on reserves formation for risk insurance, which will toughen the technical reserves requirements for insurers, said the member of the Commission - Alexander ZALETOV, as informed INTERFAX-Ukraine.

The draft regulation was prepared in accordance with international experience and contains the structure of acquisition expenses, expenses for claim settlement and postponed acquisition costs. It also defines the procedure of formation and accounting of technical reserves for non-life insurance (reserve of unearned premiums, reported but not paid claims, reserve of incurred losses, which were not reported, reserve of catastrophes, reserve of loss fluctuations). The regulation establishes requirements for insurers to make liability adequacy test (LAT) on the reporting dates, as well as adequacy test of reserves (reserve of claimed but not paid losses and reserve of losses incurred, but not reported) as of the previous reporting dates (run-off test) .

According to ZALETOV total amount of technical reserves, formed by insurers under risk insurance agreements, as of March 31, 2018 exceeded UAH 13.7 billion* (+10.7% than a year ago). In the structure of assets, representing technical reserves of insurers, 59.5% is owned by deposits and assets on current bank accounts. The share of subrogation rights to reinsurers is 18.6% of technical reserves, and the share of property is 7.4%.

The decision on amendment of the policy on reserves formation was made due to that despite the positive dynamics of insurers' assets improvement, which represent insurance reserves, the current policy on reserves formation for nonlife insurance does not provide accurate calculation of insurance liabilities which often leads to re-reservation and increase of regulator's pressure on insurers. ZALETOV believes that this regulation will improve the assessment procedure of liabilities by insurers, provide stability and reliability, as well as increase competition level in the local market.

*EUR 1 = ~UAH 32.200 (as of 31.03.2018)

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