UZBEKISTAN: GWP of O'zbekinvest Hayot in 2018 amounted to UZS 101.2 billion, preliminary data show

14 February 2019 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the preliminary data, GWP growth rate of O'zbekinvest Hayot in 2018 amounted to 59% (UZS 101.2 billion), as the information agency UzReport wrote.

The major part in the company's insurance portfolio is generated by life insurance (for 3Q2018 the insurer ranked 3rd in terms of premiums), at that compulsory types of insurance account for 8%.

The company's paid claims in 2018 exceeded UZS 68.11 billion (+81% y-o-y). The share of voluntary types in paid claims was about 95.8%, and the share of the compulsory ones - 4.2%. Paid claims to premium ratio of the company in 2018 reached 67.3%.

*1 EUR = 9479.57 UZS (31.12.2018)

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