What says about us the insurance policy we sell?

27 March 2014 — Daniela GHETU
"The cars we drive say a lot about us," said once a popular character. Maybe it wouldn't be wrong to add ... "as well as the kind of insurance we buy for it."

In fact there are not so rare the cases when, after choosing his/her new car with maximum care, the owner "forgets" to get a Motor Hull policy or chooses the cheapest MTPL policy. Unfortunately, also pretty often happens that such owners have the opportunity to find out on their own expense that their risk management policy was wrong ...

How fair are insurers' sales proceedings in relation to their clients, how expensive is in reality a "cheap" MTPL policy and who has to bear its costs, what means the fair tariff in MTPL and which are the drawbacks of a "soft" MTPL market ... all these questions are on the agenda of 2014 IIF conference on "Motor Insurance - the road towards profitability" to be held in Istanbul, April 6 - 7. In short, returning to our initial quote, we can probably say that this year's conference main question will be: "What says about us the insurance policy we sell?"

The 2014 edition's keynote speech will be given by Mariusz WICHTOWSKI, President, Council of Bureaux. The conference's speakers, well known professionals of the insurance industry, will put under debate some of the hot topics of the motor insurance market.

Among the speakers there are:
  • Klime POPOSKI, President, Insurance Supervision Agency Macedonia
  • Pavel BUNIN, President of Russian Association of Motor Insurers
  • Ismail YILDIZ - Foreign Claims Department Manager, Turkish Motor Insurance Bureau 
  • Boris SABAN, Executive Director, Association National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers
  • Aida IMAMOVIC, Head of Department for International Cooperation, Finance, Statistics and Actuarial Activities, Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Cees WERFF, Sr. EVP, InterEurope AG, Germany
  • Krzysztof JABLONSKI, Managing Director, Van Ameyde CEE
  • Arnaud AGOSTINI, Region Managing Director, SOLERA
  • Mehmet Ali OZMEN, Foreign Trade Assistant, MEYDAN Group
  • Alper TAN, Director Association of Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Companies of Turkey
  • Maria BOGHIAN, Development Director, Asisoft Romania
  • Elkhan GULIYEV, Director, Compulsory Insurance Bureau, State Insurance Supervision Service, Azerbaijan
  • Sorin GRECEANU, General Manager, Street Victims Protection Fund Romania
  • Viorel VASILE, CEO, SAFETY Broker
  • Volkan DURSUNOGLU, Assistant Manager, Anadolu Insurance Company
  • Leetha SPYROPOULOU, International Sales Manager, FRISS Fraud&Risk Solutions

Ask your questions at IIF 2014 "Motor Insurance - the road towards profitability" Conference.

See you in Istanbul,

Daniela GHETU

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