ZURICH shareholders re-elect all members of the Board and approve dividend

6 April 2020 — Andrei Victor
Shareholders of ZURICH Insurance Group approved all items on the Annual General Meeting (AGM) agenda, including the re-election of all members of the Board of Directors. Thus, Michel M. LIES was confirmed as Chairman of the Board.

The event took place without the presence of the shareholders, following government restrictions on gatherings designed to curb the spread of Covid-19 and in compliance with the Covid-19 Ordinance 2 of the Swiss Federal Council. Shareholders were able to exercise their voting rights by providing instructions to the independent voting rights representative electronically or in writing. Votes were cast by 32,632 shareholders, representing 69,912,524 registered shares or 65.57% of the shares entitled to vote.

Following the approval of shareholders, the dividend of CHF 20 per share will be paid out as from April 7, 2020.

In a non-binding advisory vote, 86.39% of shareholders represented at the AGM approved the remuneration report 2019. The Management Report, Annual Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements detailing Zurich's performance in 2019, and all other items on the agenda, were also approved.

The Board of Directors and the Remuneration Committee remain unchanged and consist of the following members:

Board of Directors:

  • Michel M. LIES, Chairman
  • Joan AMBLE
  • Catherine P. BESSANT
  • Dame Alison CARNWATH
  • Christoph FRANZ
  • Michael HALBHERR
  • Jeffrey L. HAYMAN
  • Monica MACHLER
  • Kishore MAHBUBANI
  • Jasmin STAIBLIN
  • Barry STOWE

Remuneration Committee

  • Christoph FRANZ
  • Catherine P. BESSANT
  • Michel M. LIES
  • Kishore MAHBUBANI
  • Jasmin STAIBLIN

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