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- Northern Asia (the area west of the Urals is considered part of Europe), bordering the Arctic Ocean, between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean.
- Neighbours: Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, North Korea.

- ranges from steppes in the south through humid continental in much of European Russia;
- subarctic in Siberia to tundra climate in the polar north;
- winters vary from cool along Black Sea coast to frigid in Siberia;
- summers vary from warm in the steppes to cool along Arctic coast.

Natural hazards:
- permafrost over much of Siberia is a major impediment to development;
- volcanic activity in the Kuril Islands;
- volcanoes and earthquakes on the Kamchatka Peninsula;
- spring floods and summer/autumn forest fires throughout Siberia and parts of European Russia.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:8.4people/km2
GDP*:1,286.1EUR billion

Currency: Ruble
Code: RUB
Since: 1998

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:24%




Russia 1Q2020 Market Portfolio

Russia 1Q2020 Insurance Companies Rankings

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Latest news

RUSSIA: in 1Q2020 accumulative insurance share reached 26% of the life GWP

For the first quarter, GWP of KAPITAL Life (among TOP-5 life insurers) increased by 14% y-o-y, exceeding RUB 5.3 billion (~EUR 61.82 million). Besides, based on the quarterly results, the company maintained leadership in terms of the number of effective accumulative life insurance contracts, ASN reports based to the data of the All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA).

RUSSIA: National Association of Agriculture Insurers proposed creation of forest insurance system in view of the drastically increasing intensity of forest fires

A drier than average winter and the higher spring temperatures have made Siberia more severely affected by forest fires than in previous years. In total, on April 28, 2020, there were 3,339 outbreaks recorded compared to only 1,960 last year. The area covered by fires since the beginning of the year is 477,000 hectares (vs. 382,000 hectares last year), Siberia Times reports.

RUSSIA: total number of insured livestock more than doubled in 1Q2020 y-o-y

In 1Q2020, GWP under agricultural insurance contracts with state support reached RUB 425 million (~ EUR 5 million). Almost 67% of premiums were collected under livestock insurance and the rest under crop insurance, ASN reports citing the press-service of the National Association of Agriculture Insurers (NAAI).

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